FAQ and Contact

Q: Can Dr. Jay be my therapist?

Dr. Jay maintains a private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia, but she is unable to take new clients at this time. Dr. Jay does not do phone or Skype therapy.

Q: How can I find a therapist where I live?

One way to find a skilled clinician is to call the counseling center at the college or university in your city and ask whom they suggest in the community. Or ask a local professional you like or respect, such as a your doctor or a professor or a mentor, for his or her recommendations.

Q: Can I take classes with Dr. Jay?

Dr. Jay is an Assistant Clinical Professor at University of Virginia. She supervises doctoral clinical psychology students.

Q: Will Dr. Jay give me advice over email?

Dr. Jay cannot provide mental health advice or treatment over email.

Q: How can I be in touch?

Dr. Jay appreciates your interest in her book, The Defining Decade, and in her TED talk.

For media inquires, email Brian McLendon, Associate Publisher at Twelve.

For speaking engagements, contact Wes Neff at the Leigh Bureau.